RIC have been one of the best cooperative companies in Iran. Some activities and developments of RIC are as bellow.
  Telecommunication and IT Field
    Performing local and rural Telecommunication network
    Copper Telecom. Cable Factory
    Optical Fiber Cable Factory
    First Credit Cell Phone Oprator in Iran
    Design and performing of FTTX projects
    فعالیت در حوزه فن آوری اطلاعات و خدمات ارزش افزوده روی بستر تلفن همراه
    Stockholder in FCP Field
  Industrial and Mineral Fields
    LAN and Power Cable Factory
    Row and Coated Chipboard Factory
    Earthen Brick Factory
    Moqutte Factory (Transfred)
    Partnership in Cement Industry
    Partnership In Dietary Industry
    Exploration and Exploitation of Metal Mines, Activities
  Agriculture Field  
    Pistachio Gardens  
    Greenhouse Products